Translation of technology and software

Translation of technology and software

User manuals, technical guides, licensing and warranty agreements, online application files [htm], electronic documents, technical proposals, biddings, mobile applications and a myriad of products that are part of the technology market.

The segment is among the fastest growing worldwide in both hardware and software, with the launch of new product versions with new layouts and new features.

The technological advancement and connectivity available today provide businesses with unlimited opportunities to become relevant and competitive in the global marketplace. As a result, the search for software translation and localization and other technology content is increasingly common, as a business strategy to expand the presence in the foreign market.

A market with constant upgrading

Since the technology industry always operates at the “speed of light,” the need for segment expertise and market-specific language is critical for the translator to stay up-to-date and connected to the frequent changes in the area.

This type of translation also requires the localization process, which is a multifunction task that consists of translating the contents of a software considering different cultural aspects, such as habits, religion, weight and measure systems, currency, time zone and other variables that can affect the final product.

Why is localization important?

You have become an expert in conducting your business in Brazil and is ready to invest in the international market. Each country has its own entrepreneur culture and, depending on your own, it may not align so easily with that of another location. At worst, if your content is translated literally and without that concern, your brand may be seen abroad as unprofessional or impossible to understand. And this can throw your prospects for globalized progress down the drain even before you have the chance to start.

Specific and technical language

In addition to localization, translating the global technology and software market requires high knowledge of terms and abbreviations of conventional IT commands. Therefore, the translation service in computer science should be carried out by professionals with great experience in this area, such as the skilled translators working with Universo, who are specialized and have vast experience in this area.

All our translations, especially for this area, undergo specific revision stages to ensure the most accurate and adequate terminological correspondence in the different languages.

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