Translation of scientific articles

Translation of scientific articles

The scientific article is an academic, authored publication that presents and discusses ideas, methods, techniques, processes, researches and results in various areas of knowledge. Scientific articles represent the basis of communication between academics and researchers, and serve as value aggregators for curricula in national and international academic circles.

Having a published article is presenting your work to your audience and your marketplace. Seeing your name cited in other studies is realizing the possibility of making the scope of your study more comprehensive and accessible and gaining notoriety and opportunities to grow professionally.

An innovative and bold research that is not widespread, shared and disseminated in the academic field loses its sense of existence. After all, the purpose of knowledge is dissemination and that is where the role of translation specialized in academic articles comes in.

The importance of academic translation

Considering the huge commitment, time and investment expended by academic professionals to write a scientific article, it is essential to choose translation agencies or qualified translators with proven experience in delivering these types of services, to translate your work within the highest quality standard.

To achieve international recognition, it is important to invest in professional and specialized translations. In the academic field, this translation should involve 4 steps:

Translation by a translator who specializes in the academic language and jargon.

The comparison with the original, which means comparing the translation with the original to confirm if the content was transmitted to the target language as it should.

Reviewing the language, which is done by a native-speaker translator and/or specialist in the source language, a professional in that specialty, to make necessary adjustments of terms and conventions of the area.

And finally, the final revision, in which the text is read in full to find any mistakes that might have been missed in the previous steps or change terms, language or conventions in order to give your scientific article fluency and authenticity in the target language. The goal is for it to be on the same level as those produced by native authors.

As you can see, the translation of scientific articles is a very specific task that, in order to achieve the desired result, must be carried out by a specialized agency, such as Universo. Our translators have the experience and knowledge to ensure the quality you need to shine in the global academic world.

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