Translation of books

Translation of books

Books are vital for the development of societies and for intellectual growth. Written works allow human beings to record important facts in history to be transmitted to the next generations, functioning as a vehicle of knowledge.

We do not always think about it, but for the book of a foreign writer to get into our hands and transport us, in a natural and engaging way, to the universe of the story told, a thorough work of translation was necessary, following careful and technical processes.

To translate literary works, whether fiction or nonfiction, the professional needs not only to be qualified for such a function, but also to immerse themselves in research and interpretation to develop the translation in a precise and adequate manner, respecting the original to the maximum. But while making the necessary cultural, political and cultural adaptations to give the reader the feeling of reading a book in their native language. After all, this is the secret of a good book translation!

Modern publishing market

With the advance of technology, the publishing market has undergone a transformation. It is more open, it does not just depend on the big publishing houses. Smaller companies have gained space, and even independent authors can publish and translate their works into other languages in order to reach the foreign market.

The e-book is an increasingly expansive reality due to the popularization of tablets, e-readers and the Millennial generation’s habit of reading on cell phones. This type of electronic publication often uses a language style that is different from traditional printed books – a detail that needs to be preserved in the translation of digital books.

Universo has a specialized translation staff for both print and digital book versions. Our translators have experience in the peculiarities of the publishing market and are knowledgeable about specific techniques to extract the best result from their work.

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