Medicine translation

Medicine, pharmacy and biology translation

The medical, biological and pharmacological areas have a lot of peculiarities considered essential for the specialized translator to ensure a professional translation with the utmost precision and accuracy. Among them are the specific language of this market, terminology, jargon and conventions, and most importantly: constant updating with respect to terms, specifications and names of products, drugs and apparatus, which change almost at the same pace of the technology market.

This update is vital for the translation to transmit the original information in a faithful and precise way and in the language adopted and recognized by the market, to be divulged in congresses, scientific journals, manuals and package inserts. An inappropriate translation in this segment can cause confusion, doubt and lack of comprehension, in addition to the risk of death for patients and injury to manufacturers, suppliers, hospitals and physicians.

In order to reproduce reports, documents for regulatory agents, research and product development in other languages, the medical translation professional must have technical expertise, and always consult dictionaries, glossaries and terminology manuals. Clients in this area are medical, pharmacy and biology professionals and require excellence and 100% correspondence in the translation of content.

Universo offers translation for the medical, pharmaceutical and biological areas, performed by translators with vast knowledge and experience, in order to ensure a final product with maximum efficiency.

We translate several types of documents from the area, such as reports, medical instructions, forms, specialized articles, technical manuals, prescriptions, medical charts, package inserts, medical communications in general, health service archives, books and certifications.

The importance of precision in medical translation

Medical materials are highly complex and highly relevant. To be understood correctly and for international validation, you need quality translation, including the utmost care and a thorough knowledge of terminology and meanings.

It is important to point out that Universo is fully aware of the responsibility required for a medical translation and that we strive to deliver a relevant and accurate final product in this sector, to ensure the effective and proper application of medical, pharmaceutical and biological works.

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