Marketing translation

Marketing translation

Marketing translations, such as advertising campaigns, product descriptions, blog posts and corporate websites, social media publications, and other strategies need to sell, engage and win the target market of the advertisement. Considering this, you can see that besides knowing the source and target languages, the marketing translator needs to also specialize in the language of the segment.

Translating advertising contents requires specific linguistic and writing skills and business knowledge. When one thinks of another market, another country, another reality, one cannot simply translate marketing content literally, as it has been developed by marketers to attract customers in the source country.

Another market involves another culture, other habits and customs as well as different political and religious beliefs. This influences the way that marketing should be developed, always directed to each specific location.

Localization and translation cooperate

In order to win consumers in new markets, it is necessary to carry out a thorough research on the culture of the target market, so the translation can follow the necessary adaptations, to optimize the website (SEO), directing the strategies to the new market and investing in localization to make the content functional for other scenarios and other consumer markets.

Universo works with this broad and thorough vision. Our marketing translation services encompass folders, brochures, marketing and advertising scripts, business websites, slogans, logos, company presentations, new product announcements, press releases and many other topics.

We know that the main purpose of marketing content is to win over clients and increase sales, and we stick to those goals by offering specialized marketing translation.

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